Staff Training


Moore Cleaning Services is committed to the provision of excellence in its service. It is an integral part of this commitment that all staff are given equal access to appropriate training.

Certified Health and Safety staff

Therefore, training will be available equally to all relevant staff with no category excluded. Selection for training will be made without regard to age, sex, marital status or any other non-relevant factor. All our staff are trained in the tasks applicable to their job descriptions, so as each employee is competent and capable to carry out their designated duties.

All members of our contract teams are committed to the three principles of Proactivity, Prevention and Partnership. All in-house and on-site training emphasises the importance of being proactive, preventing an incident or accident occurring and establishing an effective partnership with each client and associated third parties.

Recruitment Policy

It is the policy of Moore Cleaning Services to ensure recruitment and selection is conducted in 
an efficient and client focused manner and in compliance with relevant employment legislation. 
This is with the specific purpose of ensuring appointment decisions result from the application 
of fair and objective procedures which afford candidates adequate opportunity to submit and progress their applications.

The key principle underpinning this policy is to ensure the candidate best suited to the position will 
be selected. This principle is consistent with Moore Cleaning Services as an employer of choice.

Recruitment and Selection Procedures

Vacancies as advertised by Moore Cleaning Services are open to all suitably qualified candidates, subject to their satisfying the necessary qualifications, skills and experience criteria as specified in 
the job description.

Moore Cleaning Services selection process provides equal access at all stages to all candidates. 
A record of all decisions made throughout the process will be retained for at least 12 months after 
the recruitment campaign has been completed.


Moore Cleaning Services vacancy notices/job advertisements will be designed to encourage applications from suitable candidates from the broadest possible base. Recruitment campaigns will include the use of the Intranet, internal emails and external advertising media as and when appropriate.
All advertisements will contain a positive statement of Moore Cleaning Services commitment to its equal opportunity policy.

Job Descriptions

Formal job descriptions and person specifications will be provided for all vacancies advertised. The experience requirements and educational qualifications specified will relate strictly to those necessary for the effective performance of the position and any essential requirements will be clearly specified.


All applications and CV’s submitted will be screened against the required criteria for the position. The shortlisting criteria will be based on the job requirements as set out in the job description and person specification. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ensure their application clearly and fully describes how they satisfy the person specifications contained in the job description.

Short listing will facilitate the preparation of a list of the candidates whose applications most closely match the job description and the reasons will be recorded. A candidate who does not satisfy the essential criteria for the position will not be shortlisted and will be advised accordingly. The shortlisted candidates will be brought forward to the next stage of the selection process and will be notified accordingly.

Selection Methods:

In general the following selection methods will be used by Moore Cleaning Services:
Screening of curriculum vitae and cover letter of application
Interview (initial and as required follow-up)
Formal presentation (for specific appointments)

Reference checks

1. Screening of curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter of application

The CV and cover letter will initially be assessed at the short listing stage to determine whether the candidate meets the essential requirements of the position.

2. Interview

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview. The interviewer will take account of the nature and seniority of the position. The interviewer will be provided with a copy of the candidates CV and letter of application prior to the interview. A competency based marking scheme in line with the job description and person specification will be drafted and agreed upon. A record of the interview and relevant documents arising from the interview will be retained for at least 12 months after the campaign has been completed.

3. Reference Checks

The offer of employment or appointment to a role will be subject to satisfactory references.
As a matter of principle candidates will be asked for permission before references are sought.

Post Interview Feedback

Moore Cleaning Services will facilitate any candidate who would like post interview feedback. Candidates should make a request to the Human Resources Department.

Freedom of Information

Moore Cleaning Services is committed to transparency in its recruitment process and will provide relevant information and documentation as requested.

Vetting of Staff

All staff are fully vetted and references checked prior to commencement of employment with Moore Cleaning Services. We use outside agencies when applicable and Garda checks where required.

Versatility Study

A versatility study will be carried out for all staff by our Training Manager Ms Carmel McQuaid the results of which will generate a site specific training programme for each operative – a copy of our versatility study is attached.

Outlined below are the minimum training requirements for each role within Moore Cleaning Services.

Training & Development Programme for Staff
Cleaning Operatives & Janitors
Health and Safety Induction
ICCA BICS Certified Training
Chemical Competence Certified Training
Colour Coding
Customer Care
Use and care of Machinery Certified Training 
Industrial Operatives
Health and Safety Induction
Fall Arrest and Hoist Training
Window Cleaning
Floor Care
Use and care of Machinery
High-level Cleaning
Manual Handling
Customer Care (required)
Scaffolding Training (required)
Contract Managers/Supervisors
Health and Safety Induction
COPC 1 Certified Training
COPC 2 Certified Training
Customer Care (required)
Supervisory Management Certified Training
Appraisal Training Certified Training
Manual Handling Training Certified Training
Industrial Manager
Health and Safety Induction
Forklift Use
Manual Handling
Hoist Training
Floor Care
COPC 1 and 2
Pole Method Training
High-level Cleaning
Use and Care of Machinery
Window Cleaning
Customer Care (required)
First-aid Training (required)
Supervisory Management (required)
Health and Safety (required)
Scaffolding Training (required)
Stores and Delivery
Forklift Driving
Manual Handling
Knowledge of Products
Stocktaking Skills
Warehouse Maintenance and Cleanliness
Customer Care (required)

Health & Safety Training

All new staff trained within 2 days of commencing employment with Moore Cleaning Services:
Minimum of 4 days training per annum per operative
Staff appraisals carried out annually
Refresher training carried out half yearly

All of the above training is carried out by certified trainers.