Environmentally Friendly Cleaning


Environmentally Friendly Materials & Chemicals

All of our chemicals are environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and fully bio-degradable. We use The ECOLAB concentrated chemical system throughout the company. This system has reduced our environmental impact by significantly cutting back on bottle usage, chemicals and waste.

EcoLab Cleaning Products

Ecolab’s dilution control systems help maximize productivity and efficiency while providing the best results at the lowest total use costs.
All bottles spray bottles containing diluted product include clearly identifiable labels to the parent.

Oasis Pro™ Integrated Dispensing System

• Specifically designed to meet the needs of the cleaning contractor.
• Fully closed system helps prevent accidental contact with concentrates.
• Colour coded solutions and language free icons help make training easy.
• Dispenser ledge allows for convenient and easy filling.
• Flexible 2 litre bags take up less dumpster and landfill space.
• Visually appealing and pleasant for housekeeping staff.

VILEDA ULTRA SPEED mopping system

Ultra Speed is the complete wet flat mopping system that combines intensive microfibre cleaning with a revolutionary high performance press. The system is so easy to use that anyone can start cleaning without the need for training.
The unique press wrings out more water than traditional gear presses, allowing floors to dry faster and be back in use quicker – vital in high traffic areas.
The unique strip fastening of mops means there is no need to remove them for wringing.
Tufted mop pad with high cleaning performance, absorbency and durability and with the same fibre composition as Vileda Professional Trio mop. Ideal for cleaning of open-pored floors; benefits include:
• Speedy , economic mopping – reduces mopping times by 62%.
• Improves cleaning performance.
• Reduces cleaning costs.
• Floor back in use twice as fast.

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