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Earth and Environment Week







Moore’s celebrate Earth Day with our annual Environment Week
As part of our commitment to the environment and to celebrate Earth Day 2019, we held our 3rd Annual Environmental Week. We had a host of activities for staff, suppliers and our customers. Key issues for us are:

  • Reduce our consumption of resources such as water, energy and fossil fuels
  • Improve our skill sets in recycling
  • Make staff aware of their environment and how their work impacts on it
  • Measure our success in reducing our carbon footprint since setting our initial objectives in 2017

Maintaining our focus on Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Bin Bags

All the bin bags that we supply are available in a biodegradable/compostable version.

Disposable Cups and Refillable Plastic Bottles
We offer compostable versions of our disposable cups.  Also, many of our clients have switched to buying the larger sized hand soap and fairy liquid in order to refill and reduce the single use plastics and the resultant waste.

Eco Friendly Paper Products
The Katrin Care and Lucart range of washroom products are becoming increasingly popular as clients move to more eco friendly products.

As you can see from below, it’s amazing when you see the amount of trees required to produce Recycled Paper versus Virgin Pulp Paper.